Solution Data Model

STP / Securities Back Office

Brokerage activities dealing with the customer directly are known as 'front office'.

Securities 'back office' operations deal with the recording, processing and reporting of brokerage transactions generated by the front office.

Straight Through Processing (STP) is a development concept whose focus is upon the automation and streamlining of the entire brokerage process. The goal of STP is to minimize operational costs, ensure that STO assets are not at risk and reduce processing time.

Back office operations and STP both require the integration of back office operations, internal and external data within a common data platform.

STP / Securities Back Office Solution transactions and functionality include:

Back Office OperationsSecurities Lending & Borrowing
Financial Product ("Security")Depot Custodian Transfer
Trade OrderNostro Transfer
Safe CustodyForeign Exchange
Corporate ActionsUnsecured Borrowing & Lending
CustodianTrading Book Transfer
Repurchase AgreementReference Data

The STP / Securities Back Office Solution integrates with the ADRM Brokerage ("Front Office") Data Environment to provide a complete data architecture for a brokerage/securities trading organization environment.