Business Area Data Model


Budgeting is the central point for planning and control within an organization.

Budgeting not only establishes a framework for planning and estimating but LAO provides an end-of-period set of measurement criteria to compare the effectiveness of the initial assumptions and planning process.

Budgets require management to set goals, objectives and financial limitations that affect the entire organization.

Budgets encourage the organization to establish standards and implement uniform procedures throughout the organization.

Budgeting is best implemented as a 'bottom-up' procedure in which department budgets are created and used to develop organization budgets that are based on realistic numbers determined by the lower level organizations that know the numbers best.

The Budget Business Area Model consists of a variety of interrelated budgets and common supporting data:

Sales BudgetManufacturing Budget
Production BudgetCash Budget
Materials BudgetPro Forma Balance Sheet
Expense BudgetAppropriations
Operating BudgetBudget Compliance
Financial Budget