ADRM Software

ADRM Software is the leading independent developer of large-scale industry-specific data models to help organizations to quickly, confidently and effectively apply industry best-practice information architecture to their business problems across a broad set of requirements:

ADRM Software pioneered the development and application of large-scale industry-specific data models (also known as information blueprints or roadmaps) consisting of integrated sets of 'template' and industry-specific data models that combine industry best-practices, large-format graphics and detailed business-friendly definitions.

ADRM Software products are the most complete industry-specific data models available in the market today, providing comprehensive, clear and integrated information models which leading companies worldwide have deployed across 65 different lines of business in 10 industry groups.

ADRM Software's products are neither abstract starter models which require many months of consulting services before they can be effectively used nor are they unmaintained artifacts left over from one-off consulting engagements. ADRM's data models use industry-specific terminology, they are based upon industry best practices, they are typically 3 to 5 times the size and level of detail of competitive offerings, they continue to evolve and grow, and customers receive ongoing support and advice from ADRM to ensure maximum ROI.

For 30 years our customers in 18 countries around the world have successfully adopted and implemented ADRM's proven business-friendly industry data models across a broad range of industries and applications to help dramatically accelerate critical digital transformation and enterprise data governance initiatives and large-scale information projects and substantially reduce risk, while also benefiting from best practices and lessons learned at other similar large organizations. We hope you will give us the opportunity to prove to you that we can help you and your organization successfully do the same.