Industry Data Model

Gas & Electric Utilities

The Gas & Electric Utility industry model set consists of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models developed for companies in the gas and electric power services industry.

Application, operational and reporting data requires an integrated data architecture supporting all business functions and processes to provide reliable, reusable and consistent data throughout the enterprise.

While the Gas & Electric Utility set of data models provides comprehensive coverage of the data used and managed by most utilities, many of our customers focus first on one or more of the following four foundational areas:

The utility core data is the key for resolving problems by turning discreet data into operational insights.

Architected data is essential to improve and transform business processes and provide the information needed to drive the enterprise to provide more reliable, safer and affordable energy.

Data models provide the foundation for turning terabytes of data into usable data (“Big Data”) and transforming the way they do business and deliver services.

The Gas and Electric Utility industry data models establish an industry-proven data architecture for planning, systems development, analytics and the data warehouse.

Metering/Account MonitoringCustomer Service
Smart Meter/DeviceElectricity Network
Service LocationPipeline
Rate Plan/Tariff

The Gas & Electric Utility industry models can be integrated with the ADRM Software financial models to manage price risk via futures contracts and similar instruments.

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