Solution Data Model

Energy & Commodity Trading

Electricity and gas - as well as other energy commodities used in the generation of electricity - can be bought, sold and traded upon markets or exchanges via bids to buy, offers to sell, short-term trades and financial instruments such as futures, forward contracts and derivatives.

Each objective - immediate need, future price protection, risk mitigation - has associated energy trading strategies.

Typically energy trading consists of:

An important component of energy trading strategy is risk management via rights, call and put options, which are designed to transfer financial risk between participants.

The Energy & Commodity Trading data model provides an integrated data architecture that supports the trading and analytic requirements of energy trading organizations.

Trading BookForward Contract
Trade OrderRepurchase Agreement
ContractCarbon Trading
ExchangeStorage Capacity
Financial Product / CommodityShipping/Transmission Capacity
Futures Contract

The Energy & Commodity Trading model can be seamlessly integrated with ADRM's Oil Sands Mining, Upstream, Midstream, Petroleum Refining and/or Oil & Gas Downstream data models, with our Gas & Electric Utility industry data models, and with many of our financial industry models such as Commercial Banking and Corporate Investment Banking.