Business Area Data Model

Bookings, Billings, and Backlog (BBB)

Bookings, billings, and backlog (BBB) information is fundamental for any organization that manufactures and ships products.

BBB reflects the pulse of the business and enables the business to plan and react to current market events.

BBB is an acronym for "Bookings, Billings, Backlog". BBB usually also includes two additional components "Cancellations and Returns", which is how it is implemented in the ADRM Software BBB Business Area Model.

BBB data is used to form an accurate picture of the direction in which the business is heading.

BBB can answer critical questions:

BBB data can be difficult to integrate since it may come from one or more sources, formats and may contain nonintegrated data.

BBB reinforces the need for an overall data architecture in which products, product hierarchies, channels, orders etc. are consistently defined and implemented.

BBB is related to every core part of the business - sales, marketing, inventory, financial reporting and profitability.

The BBB models can be seamlessly integrated with other BA models such as MARKETING, INVENTORY, FINANCIAL REPORTING as well as industry Enterprise and Data Warehouse models.