Industry Data Model

Apparel & Footwear

The apparel and footwear industry is a global industry, where designers, manufacturers, merchandisers, and retailers throughout the world collaborate to design, manufacture, and market clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The industry is characterized by short product life cycles, variable and erratic consumer demand, seasonal offerings and a wide range of product variety and complex supply chains - resulting in an one of most dynamic and demanding industries to plan and execute.

The global footwear market has become a fashion accessory triggered by impulse buying by consumers that requires retailers to maintain and manage an expanding footwear product portfolio sold via multiple retail channels.

Footwear consumers are requesting eco-friendly products, innovations in sole technology, implanted smart devices to record exercise activities and customized products, which add to the pressure upon retailers to forecast, plan and manage an ever-more competitive footwear market using integrated data from multiple sources.

Apparel and footwear are a major part of the retailing and distribution industry as evident by the numbers:

The Apparel & Footwear industry model set consists of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models developed for companies manufacturing and marketing apparel and footwear products.

The data required to drive an apparel & footwear organization is both comprehensive and complex incorporating inventory, manufacturing, marketing & advertising, analytics, forecasting, BBB within a global framework.

The Apparel & Footwear industry data models incorporate these complex planning, transactional, analytic and reporting requirements in a single comprehensive data environment consisting of multiple integrated data models.

InventoryFinancial Reporting
PricingBusiness Metrics & Analytics
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