Industry Data Model

Agricultural Chemicals

Agricultural chemicals or agrochemicals are chemical products that are used in agriculture such as pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, hormones and chemical growth agents.

The increased demand for agricultural chemicals is driven by an expanding world population, reduction in cultivable land and reduced productivity of agricultural land. Large, fast-developing countries with major agricultural economies are increasingly being targeted for industry growth.

The global agricultural chemical manufacturing industry exceeding $330 billion is driven by food production requirements and subject to crop prices, laws and mandates, weather conditions and subsidies.

Big producers have large economies of scale in production with the eight largest producers of fertilizers generate around 70 percent of segment revenue, and the eight largest producers of pesticides generate about 75 percent of revenue for that segment.

Smaller companies can compete effectively by making specialty chemicals or fertilizer mixtures for local markets.

One of the major trends witnessed in Agriculture Chemicals industry is the steadily growing demand for fertilizers to counteract pricing increases and increase the soil nutrient balance to maximize crop yields.

The use of biopesticides, which as are non-toxic and naturally occurring compounds that help control unwanted pests is another major trend in this industry, is driven by environmental pollution concerns as consumers push for less toxic biocontrol and pesticide chemicals.

Agricultural chemicals production consist of 3 key phases each of which is reliant upon integrated data ("Big Data") for planning and cost control:

The Agricultural Chemicals industry model set consists of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models specifically developed for companies producing and selling agricultural chemical products.

The Agricultural Chemicals data models provide a comprehensive data architecture supporting manufacturing, marketing, transportation and sales of agricultural chemicals.

ProductBusiness Metrics
Regulation / ComplianceInventory
Marketing / ChannelAlerts & Recalls
Process ManufacturingTransportation & Shipping

The Agricultural Chemicals industry models can be extended with any other ADRM Software industry offerings because they are developed upon a common core of data and industry best practices.