Industry Data Model

Medical Systems

The Medical Systems model set is an integrated set of Enterprise, Business Area and Data Warehouse data models developed to address the enterprise requirements of an organization developing, manufacturing or marketing high-tech disease prediction, detection, diagnosis and treatment systems in one or more clinical segments:

CardiovascularCritical & Emergency Care
Women's HealthMolecular Imaging

The industry continues to be characterized by a host of market challenges, such as demanding clinical and regulatory standards, cost and productivity pressures, pricing and reimbursement pressures, increasing Research and Development (R&D) expenses and a competitive landscape with increasing consumer demand.

A continuously aging population, primarily in developed economies, will ensure that there is a steady demand for medical equipment and healthcare services. A number of treatments that were traditionally being undertaken in the hospital setting can now be dealt with in the home by using home and self-care medical devices.

The global medical equipment industry is forecast to grow by more than 8% annually for the next seven years to exceed $490 billion in 2016.

The Medical Systems data models establish a data architecture for the integration of corporate data within a comprehensive architecture supporting:

ProductAccounting & Financial Reporting
ChannelBusiness Metrics
OrderCustomer Service
BBBHuman Resources