Industry Data Model

National Postal Services

National postal services are now a group of services whose goal is to service the customer beyond traditional mail and delivery services including:

LettersMoney Transfer / Remittances
ParcelsForeign Currency
Express PostBusiness Services
Passport ApplicationsExpediting
Financial Services / BankingLogistics

Globally national postal services are in battle to modernize and compete in a rapidly-evolving world of alternate technologies dominated by internet, broadband services and efficient competitors.

While competitors strive to know and serve the needs of the customers, national postal services are still reactive and rely upon the customer coming to them. Customers are demanding more from national postal services and speaking with their business.

National postal services are moving into online fulfillment, new financial services, intelligent mail and RFID technologies as they increase services via kiosks, outsourcing, call centers and data services.

The National Postal Services models are a set of Enterprise, Business Area and Data Warehouse data models that address the comprehensive data architecture, applications, reporting and analytic requirements of the evolving national postal industry.

CustomerProperty & Equipment
TransportationCustomer Service

The ADRM Software National Postal Services models can be integrated with ADRM Software Retailing, Freight & Logistics and financial services offerings to provide a complete solution based upon the actual products and services offered.