Industry Data Model

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare service providers are the organizations and related individuals that provide healthcare services and care via hospitals, medical and dental practices and other health activities.

Their impact upon the economy and individual lives are profound and globally consumes over 10% of gross domestic product of developed nations.

Couple these large expenditures with the trend for federal governments to position themselves as the healthcare market maker, increased collaboration, more stringent insurance reimbursement rules, increased data and reporting demands - results in an industry that looks to high reliability medicine and IT as significant ways to reduce costs.

The ADRM Software Healthcare Services Provider models consists of a set of integrated Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models developed for organizations in the healthcare service provider industry.

The focus of these models is to provide a blueprint of the complex data required to support a variety of applications, analytics and information services for health plan service providers.

Service ProviderService
PatientHealth Plan

The ability to plan and apply IT technology is one of the key means to reduce and control costs related to healthcare services.

The ADRM Software Healthcare Provider industry models are designed so they can easily be used in conjunction with our R&D and Clinical Trials solution data model and our Genomics solution data model, for our Healthcare Provider customers active in either of those areas.