Industry Data Model

Apparel & Footwear

The apparel and footwear industry is a global industry, where designers, manufacturers, merchandisers, and retailers throughout the world collaborate to design, manufacture, and market clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The industry is characterized by short product life cycles, variable and erratic consumer demand, seasonal offerings and a wide range of product variety - resulting in one of most complex and dynamic industries to plan and execute the supply and manufacturing.

Apparel and footwear manufacturing is being transformed by new trends that will shape its future:

  1. Integration of all phases of supply chain and manufacturing from design, samples, materials, production to shipping – all requiring real-time integrated data.

  2. Made-to-order/made-to-fit delivery of products customized for each order.

  3. 3D rending of garments for tailored fitting.

  4. Dye sublimation and digital printing of custom designs.

  5. Robotic/automated processes to improve quality, speed and consistency of production using high-tech machinery.

  6. Ethically-sourced, manufactured and environmentally-friendly products.

  7. Application of IoT technology providing real-time data, metrics and analytics.

  8. Agile supply chains to support irregular demand.

Automation and technology will continue to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Automation, technology and the integration of processes is dependent upon architected and designed data.

ADRM Software provides a suite of logical data models addressing each aspect of the existing and evolving apparel and footwear manufacturing environment, which can be used individually, in any combination or as a comprehensive data environment because each is based on a common design and data philosophy.

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