Industry Data Model

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical companies are involved in the development, marketing and sales of pharmaceutical drugs and related products.

Drug discovery is the process in which potential drugs are designed, discovered or developed for future sales and marketing via research & development and clinical trials.

Several trends are now influencing the pharmaceutical industry:

The pharmaceutical industry is both critical and a significant economic force.

The Pharmaceutical industry model set consists of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models developed for companies producing and marketing pharmaceutical products.

The Pharmaceutical data models provide a comprehensive information architecture supporting the manufacture, inventory, marketing and reporting of pharmaceutical information across the entire organization.

Pharmaceutical ProductForecast
InteractionFinancial Reporting
ManufacturingBusiness Metrics
MarketingAlert, Withdrawal, Recall

The ADRM Software Pharmaceutical industry models are designed to be used in conjunction with our R&D and Clinical Trials solution data model and our Genomics solution data model, for those Pharmaceutical customers active in either of those areas.