Industry Data Model

Radio Broadcasting

Radio broadcasting refers to commercial broadcasters or public service providers, which generate an estimated $18.13 billion in advertising revenue in the US and $32.5 billion worldwide.

In the US there are 5,000 licensed AM stations and 9,000 FM stations licensed with 93% of the population listening. Internet radio in the US is forecast to have 183 million listeners by 2018.

The changing face of radio is reflected in the fact that currently 45% of cellphone owners listen to online radio through phone or car, while there still being an estimated 700 million radios in the US alone.

The radio broadcasting industry in in the midst of rapid change:

The Radio Broadcasting industry model set consists of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models designed to address the integrated architecture, reporting and analytic requirements of the industry including:

Arbitron RatingsMarketing
Radio StationAdvertising
FormatAsset Management
ProgramAccounting & Financial Reporting
Rate CardRadio Industry Metrics
Tower/Tower Rental