Industry Data Model

Government Services

Governments provide for the health, welfare and security of their citizens, institutions and organizations via a variety of services that are distributed by agencies and programs.

Federal, state/provincial and local governments worldwide tend to operate in similar manners differentiated only by the size, complexity and the scope of their efforts.

Governments have common responsibilities that are executed at federal, state and local levels by each level of administration:

In 2016 the US government is forecast to spend an average of $20,760 per person:

Government has become the largest 'customer' in the US and most respective countries worldwide.

Business and industry increasingly target and rely upon government as the largest and most reliable customer.

The ADRM Software Government Services model set consists of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models that encompasses the basic infrastructure common to government operations across a variety of functions.

It is these common functions performed by government that serve to bind their operations in a set of data models that can be easily modified and extended to meet the requirements of a specific government organization.

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