Industry Data Model

Copper Mining

The Copper Mining data model set is an integrated set of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models developed to support the mining, processing and transport operations of copper mining and production companies.

Copper mining and processing can vary depending upon the ore, environmental regulations, power availability, water, processes, types of furnaces etc. but generally consists of:

Each step of the process needs to be combined with accurate integrated data for management, reporting and analysis.

The ADRM Software Copper Mining model set enable operators to record and manage mine data, process data, asset and equipment utilization, manpower related to each operation, expenses, production, waste, by-products, timeframes, process and equipmente status, HR, safety compliance and all the similar data required to make a mine function, process ore, deliver ore and comply with a myriad of regulations - in detail

ADRM's Copper Mining data model set provides a data architecture for the integration of planning, transactional and operational data with additional support for core business functions such as:

BudgetsHuman Resources & Payroll
Contracts & OrdersMine (Activities)
Financial ReportingIron Ore Processing / Smelting
GeographyMining Property
Business MetricsProperty & Equipment
Log TestingTransportation

For copper mining organizations involved in commodity trading and position hedging of positions ADRM Software supports commodity and derivative trading with the Corporate Investment Banking models.