Business Area Data Model

Products & Services

Products and services are the core of any business.

They are what are sold or provided to the customer and generate the revenues to operate the business.

Products and services have critical relationships with every part of the business. Product and services data is replicated and used throughout the organization.

Problems and design errors related to product and services data design and implementation propagate throughout the organization with corresponding costs and impact.

The correct data architecture for product and service data enables the business to efficiently analyze and report product information with minimal effort and maximum granularity.

The Product & Services Business Area Model is an industry-specific product and services model that provides an integrated, comprehensive planning, applications and reporting data architecture for products and services.

Each ADRM Software Product Business Area Model is designed specifically for that industry.

A typical Product model incorporates:

Product HierarchyMarket Segment

Because of the common heritage of all the industry product and services data structures they can be readily combined or integrated as the business acquires new product lines or moves into new business areas.

The Product & Service model integrates with other ADRM Software models as part of a comprehensive data architecture.