Industry Data Model


Pharmacies potentially provide a broad range of services to consumers including:

Traditional pharmacy business models are evolving.

Pharmacies are increasingly competing with retail stores in various market segments directly as the products offered by multi-service/multi-product pharmacies and retail stores converge. With many business operations 'pharmacy' is just one of many products and represents a small percentage of store visits in terms of comparative revenue.

Pharmacies are becoming community 'health hubs' and a convenient location to purchase retail, grocery and family products at the same time.

Many health services can best be provided and managed outside of the offices of the healthcare provider.

Regarding just pharmaceutical services dispensed to the public there are continuing challenges, opportunities and technologies to expand the business model:

ADRM Software is able to seamlessly integrate pharmacy-specific data models with their industry-leading retail product segment models to successfully address the integrated data requirements of todays retail-pharmacy operations regardless of product mix delivered.

Whether the focus is traditional pharmaceutical services or a broad range of retail segment products and services, ADRM Software can provide a proven set of seamlessly integrated logical enterprise, business area and data warehouse models to meet your requirements.

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