Industry Data Model

Beauty Products

Beauty products are cosmetics, fragrances and related products used to enhance, maintain or alter the appearance of the face, head, hair, body fragrance and body texture. They make us look good and feel good about our appearance.

The beauty product industry is resistant to economic downturns and characterized by brand loyalty, which provides beauty product manufacturers, distributors and retailers with a reliable market with opportunities for future growth.

Where beauty product trends were once driven by 'celebrities' they are now dominated by social media that is driving its trends. Thus the need to closely integrate beauty product data with both social media and retail and distribution.

Beauty products now cater to babies, young children and men in addition to the more traditional female requiring expanded and more detailed consumer segmentation and identification.

Beauty products must also meet expanded consumer expectations regarding:

The challenge to beauty product retailers is to identify, define and segment both consumers and products with precision and integrate and utilize the data in each segment of the organization.

This requires an integrated data architecture that is specific to beauty products and integrates with manufacturing, inventory, marketing, advertising, sales and customer across the organization.

The Beauty Product industry models address these requirements via an integrated set of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models specifically developed for companies manufacturing and marketing beauty products worldwide.

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