Industry Data Model

Corporate & Investment Banking

Investment banks offer a wide range of services to both companies and government including:

The US investment banking industry is adjusting to the new Basel III capital requirements, the Volcker Rule restricting bank proprietary trading with their own capital, Dodd-Frank and various other evolving rules and legislation.

Investment banks are also entering new areas that were previously seen as less-glamorous but providing a steady income and are less capital-intensive such as foreign exchange, trade finance and global custody.

The Corporate & Investment Banking models provide a data architecture to support the requirements of investment banks and allow for the integration of additional bank offerings as those services are required.

Underwriting and distribution of new security issuesAsset management
Brokerage services to public and institutional investorsOptions
Trading intermediary services for clientsFutures
Financial advice and counsellingSecurities
Mergers and acquisitions servicesSwaps
Market-makingRepurchase Agreements
Bridge financingForwards
Foreign exchange services

The Corporate & Investment Banking model set can be seamlessly integrated with other ADRM Software financial services offerings such as Brokerage, Commercial Banking, Payment Services, Mortgage Services, and Mutual Funds & Fund Management.