We're pleased to announce that ADRM Software has been acquired by Microsoft.

Today is a very exciting day for the team at ADRM Software! We've spent decades building an unmatched portfolio of comprehensive industry-specific data models and working with large enterprises in countries around the world to help each of them accelerate their data-driven journey while reducing risk and benefiting from best practices and lessons learned together with other large companies in similar industries.

ADRM Software's industry data models help our customers to establish a comprehensive and integrated data foundation upon which to base their digital transformation and next generation information architectures. Whether the focus is on an intelligent data lake, a modern data warehouse, next-level analytics, enterprise data governance, master data management, or populating a business glossary or data catalog with business-friendly terms and detailed definitions, a robust and intelligent data foundation is more critical than ever before.

As we worked closely with the Azure global engineering team during the past year, we became very enthusiastic about the tremendous additional value and acceleration we believe can be unlocked for large enterprises across many industries by combining ADRM Software's comprehensive industry data models with the limitless storage and compute from Azure to power the next generation of intelligent data lakes – data lakes which aren't just vast reservoirs of data but which are also metadata-rich foundations which can supercharge modern data warehouses, next-level analytics, and AI and ML.

So, it is with great enthusiasm that we announce today that the entire ADRM Software team has recently joined Microsoft's Azure global engineering organization and Microsoft has acquired ADRM Software and its vast collection of large-scale industry-specific data models! We'll be reaching out to our existing customers very soon to tell you more and we look forward to speaking with those of you who we have not yet met in the near future to learn more about where you are on your data-driven journey and to explain why we're so excited about the value and acceleration we think the combination of ADRM Software's comprehensive industry data models and Azure's intelligent limitless storage and compute can provide to your enterprise

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