The ADRM Software data architecture consists of:

·  Multilevel, integrated industry data models
·  Industry best-practices content
·  Comprehensive and flexible design
·  Industry-specific, complete attribution and definitions

For each industry, an Enterprise Data Model typically exceeding 400 entities and 2,500 attributes is developed with complete definitions, attribution and data relationships that are representative of a best-of-breed company in that industry.

Detailed Business Area Models providing more detail and expanded scope are constructed from a selected core of entities from the Enterprise Model in a top-down engineering process.

Business Area Models provide the most comprehensive and granular view of data for that business or subject area.

Business Area Models provide the framework for development of applications and data marts.   They also provide the framework of reference data for design of the data warehouse.

The Data Warehouse and Data Mart models are derived from the Enterprise and Business Area Models.

This comprehensive top-down data architecture facilitates several different potential data warehouse/data mart design alternatives:

·  Single data warehouse
·  Data warehouse feeding data marts
·  Data marts feeding the data warehouse

Since the models have a common data architecture based upon common entities, they can be easily integrated with other industry models or used to build additional business area or application models.

A top-down data architecture based upon common data elements insures that data can be applied consistently across the entire organization regardless of requirements.

Perhaps the greatest single advantage is an immediately-available set of design models that can be implemented or edited without an extensive enterprise data modeling effort.

The ADAM Software development approach has proven to dramatically cut development time, increase productivity, reduce costs and provide the benefits of a comprehensive modeling effort at greatly reduced cost.

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