Amazon Web Services (AWS)

ADRM Software's customers have always looked to the most scalable, reliable, secure and cost-effective database platforms available to deploy the large-scale data warehouses they design and build using ADRM's comprehensive industry data models. As more and more of our customers express interest in deploying their large data warehouses and related analytic infrastructure in the cloud, ADRM Software is pleased to announce a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable joint customers to use ADRM's comprehensive industry data models to significantly accelerate the deployment of large-scale industry-specific data warehouses in the cloud using the Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

Amazon Redshift delivers fast query performance by using columnar storage technology to improve I/O efficiency and parallelizing queries across multiple nodes. Amazon Redshift's data warehouse architecture allows customers to automate most of the common administrative tasks associated with provisioning, configuring and monitoring a cloud data warehouse. Backups to Amazon S3 are continuous, incremental and automatic. Restores are fast, enabling disaster recovery across regions takes just a few clicks, and security is built-in.

ADRM Software has worked with AWS to successfully test the deployment and performance of its data models on Amazon Redshift and plans to continue to work with AWS and our joint customers to ensure that they receive maximum benefit and ROI from their investments in ADRM's industry data models and Amazon Redshift. Please contact us to learn more.